Malcolm McLaren's son torched his punk collection to protest the 40th anniversary of punk "celebrations"


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Pfft. He’s not punk. I’ll bet he doesn’t even shop at Hot Topic.


Love that gif so much.Totally captures the whole punk vibe for me. Totally owning the whole energetic, fun, and “Screw you, I don’t care what you think!” all in one.


Yes of course punk was never “meant” to be nostalgic, that’s why the Ramones never recorded any covers.



Gasp. Snort. I can’t breathe, oh god I can’t breathe



I support and endorse the destruction or appropriation of nostalgic edifice of all sorts.

You can revere history without clinging to false interpretations of it’s reality or longing for your own sense of immediate relevance from that time.


That or they were stripping the nostalgia off those pieces…


Nice to see that somebody from this era actually gets it, though. Even back then, there were so many who didn’t understand that to be true, you actually had to live the philosophy, not just wear the costume.


Good to see that bullshit artistry can pass from father to son.


Couple things on that barge I’d like to have.


“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive.”
– Sid Vicious


I’ve personally had some failure with that one.


poseurs always had cigarettes you could bum. Often could be convinced to pay for drugs, and frequently tried to fuck their way into authenticity (suburban-clean can be sexy all by itself when you’re an inadvertent crusty punk in a squat).

So, they paid their way most of the time.


Some of the Ramones would be wearing MAGA caps if they were alive.


Sounds a bit fishy at 5mil. He was written out of his fathers will. Maybe it was his mom burning her stuff?

"12:05AM BST 14 Apr 2012
Malcolm McLaren, the man behind the Sex Pistols, excluded his only son from any inheritance in his will, it was revealed.

Mr McLaren, who died in 2010 aged 64, set down his final wishes four days before he lost his battle with mesothelioma, a form of cancer.

His short will leaves his £169,750 estate to his long-term girlfriend Young Kim, and explicitly stated his son, Joe Corre, should not be included.

The will, reported in the Daily Mail, said: "I hereby appoint as my sole heir and executor of my will Ms Young E Kim of New York, USA.

“I exclude my son from any inheritance.”


I can see how that might be because his son was already independently wealthy.

That said, if find this gesture a bit empty, since that independent wealth comes from a string of retail outlets that essentially commodify sex.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to hate on someone for being successful, but don’t pretend to be punk as fuck when you got rich selling $90 dollar panties.


Conformity in another uniform.

This was true back in the 70s… when his dad figured it out and got rich from it.


So did narcs, until they turned on you. I mean by all means, hustle the hypocrites, but don’t believe for a second they’re solid.

So anarchists can’t get paid?