In 1995 Wal-Mart pulled a "Someday A Woman Will Be President" t-shirt because it was offensive


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Holy Shit… it’s not 1985 it’s 1995! My B-Day too.


If I’d complained that their pulling it was offensive to me would they put it back?

Yeah, even I’m not naive enough to think that would be even remotely likely.


Ironically, from 1986-1992, Wal-Mart had just a single woman on its board of directors.

That woman’s name? Hillary Clinton.


One year before Hillary Clinton joined the WalMart board. How funny!

EDIT: Or was it three years after she left the board? Is that a 1995?


Is it possible the shirt offended because it was poking fun at the idea that a woman might be president?

Dennis the Menace wasn’t such a socially progressive comic, was it? Can we find the original strip?

Edit: Didn’t see that you could embiggen the newspaper article to make it legible! The designer of the shirt definitely did not intend that it should be poking fun.


Haven’t been to a Wally World since my kid was out’a [no longer using] diapers, the only reason I ever went there.


Considering there is a 1994 Nissan for sale on the same page, I’d guess that would make it 1995.
Had it been a DeLorean, however…


That clearly says 1905.


So that was you?


Thank you! Corrected.



I don’t want to know what they did with the “Someday a Jew will be president” t-shirts.


I am guessing that Ketcham didn’t like it either.


It seems he approved the shirt, and the message…


You caught me…


What?! But I thought all Americans shopped there, to buy your guns and burgers!
TV has lied to me again :frowning:

Or do you all only buy your guns from artisanal, hand made, gun stores now?
(Actually, I’m sure there’s a hipster out there who will only use a revolver because “it’s like, more authentic”)


Guess what! It’s STILL threatening to some folks!


I wonder how a “Someday an insane egomaniacal idiot will be president!” shirt would have faired.

I consider the “egomaniacal idiot” vision to have already been realized in 2000, but I don’t wholeheartedly think W qualified as insane? Gray area. Anywho, here’s hoping Drumpf doesn’t end up unequivocally checking that third box for us.


“Sooner than you think” not so much, though it looks like we might squeak in under the 50 year wire. All it took was her opponent being the least qualified man in the entire USA.