There's already a "Nasty Woman" t-shirt you can buy


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Yeah, I always thought it was the boys who were nasty.


I did not watch the debate and haven’t read any news about it yet. I take it things did not go well for Trump?


LOL. And people wondered why some Trump voters used the “deplorable” slur as a badge of honor.

“Coming from you, that’s a compliment.”

munch munch

Don’t mind me, continue wallowing in it while claiming you are above it.


How dare that “Nasty Woman” make a joke about what Trump was so proud of doing!


That “nasty woman” shirt from earlier today is old news. I prefer this “I’m with Nasty” one


I can’t be the only person who thought “ripping the baby out of the womb a day or two before the delivery date is called a ‘cesarean section,’ the baby will be fine!”


So what are you now wallowing in?



Eh… but no, not when you do an abortion it isn’t born. It is killed then removed. That’s why it’s an abortion, not a birth. And while I am not a fan of purely elective late-term abortions, 9 mo abortions are extremely rare if they do happen and shouldn’t be used as a scare tactic, and I support people being able to get abortions.

Righteous indignation.


But that doesn’t happen to a viable fetus a day or two before the delivery date. Like, ever.


AFAIK, you’re right, which is why I said it is a shit tactic.


I thought he was drooling when he said that. Freaked me out.


I might be biased. But this also exists on teespring:


At least 3 of my friends have “Nasty Woman” shirts up on CafePress this morning.


It’s easy to feel when one decides that they have their own rugged-individualist “moral high ground” that nobody else shares.

You know, “being above it”.

It’s different in your case than all the other smug lot, because of reasons.


People wondered that? Seriously? I saw it coming right away. And if I did, so did a large number of other people.


Something tells me we are going to see Kate McKinnon grooving to this come Saturday.