In a huge win for open data, Congress passes the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary Government Data Act

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There is a lot going on in this one. Open data. Evidence-based policy. With it happening at a time of year (the holidays) usually reserved for passing antisocial or unpopular legislation that government don’t want to receive much public exposure, I’m wary about being too optimistic about this. Can anyone point to some additional, credible sources which cover this legislation, so I can tell whether to give a damn, or just continue not caring about anything the government claims to do in the name of progress?


Are there enough votes to override the inevitable veto?

It took surprisingly much clicking through to find out the actual vote: every (174) Democrat voting + and 182/199 Republicans voting aye; 17 Republicans nay, including Justin Amash. I wonder why.


featuring an historic war on whistleblowers


“An historic” is not wrong. (It is old fashioned and can be considered pretentious but it’s not wrong.)


yeah but first you’ve got to get Individual-1 to stop purposely ripping up all his documents like some kind of child that never does what he’s told


I think 3 years ago I would’ve fully supported this. Seeing how easily people are manipulated in the last 2 years by unscrupulous people who know how weaponize data? This gives me pause.


It’s very much wrong if you pronounce the “h.”

If you actually say “iz-tor-ik” I’ve got no beef with you. Well, no spelling beef, at least.

Is it in the Constitution somewhere that all acts of Congress must have a contrived acronym for a title?


…an executive order requiring the administrative branch to embrace…

Honest question, not nit-picking: Is this referring to the Executive branch? Or is this language meant to refer to administrative sub-branches of all three main branches?

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I don’t trust it. Its too good to be true, and Repugnicans supported it at Christmas. It has to have hidden evil.

I trust noone anymore, least of all my own country. Its full of lying heartless inhuman scum. And there are even lower creatures abound, too, called congress critters.

To hell with all of the scum, and Merry Christmas.

Indeed. Since we know that Congresspersons are actually ring-wraiths from Mordor and not humans, and do nothing without evil purpose, it is therefore impossible that some legislation passed that actually improves some legislative goal without a poison pill. It would be a violation of their oath to their lord Sauron to inflict unceasing punishment upon us at every opportunity.


Gosh, the difference between a Congress with a supportive Democratic base versus one which stonewalls and opposes a Democratic president’s every effort towards open data.

Yeah, apparently McConnell fell down on the job of making a bill horrible enough to scare off just enough Democratic votes so as to avoid having anything pass bipartisanly. I was more wondering why the frequently reasonable Amash voted against.

I might be happier if we hadn’t just had a two years’ demonstration of the Government defining ‘evidence’ to (e.g.) exclude essentially the entire world’s scientific community in favor of industry hacks (e.g. Heartland.)

Was it signed by POTUS yet?

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