In a secluded green forest, a very long automated xylophone



That was nice! But at the end it was all


I thought this had been posted before, where it engendered a bunch of comments about stealth-commercialism vs. art-patronage.

But all I can find is

UPDATE: found it - Pescovitz got it, about a week prior to the submitterator, too.

Not nearly as many comments as I thought, and nothing really about patronage. Hunh.

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Pure artists, untainted by the stink of commercialism have been arguing about this since the advent of the idea of the pure artist, untainted by the stink of commercialism. Darwin has gone hard on them, like the Shakers before them.


It’s a nice video and a nice idea. But there’s no chance whatsoever that the sounds we’re hearing were actually generated by the process shown. Each wooden bar would have to be perfectly consistently close-miked to get the sound we hear. The xylophone is extremely in tune, too, for something apparently home-made.

No wish to be a party-pooper, it’s still a nice piece of art–but the artwork is this video, not any physical xylophone somewhere in the forest.

Might this change your opinion?

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ah, JSB’s Rube Goldberg Variations

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