In DHS tests, prototypes of Trump's chosen barrier posts were easily defeated by hacksaws


I’ll just leave this here.


That’s going to be one hell of an extension cord they would need…


Most power tools come in battery powered variants these days. Very convenient on construction sites. And if not, you could always bring a generator.


trump lied so quickly about this is was head-spinning, even for him

they asked him as soon as they had the photo and he said “that’s the previous administration’s prototype”

but why are we even bothering, this is all freaking nonsense and we are falling for the distraction yet again

  • oh hey are they releasing more hillary emails? shouldn’t the press spend the next six months on that, yup there they go


That reminds me of the people who brought all kinds of crap on the Oregon trail and ended up dumping it because it was slowing them down. Like iron stoves and the like.

Battery powered might work if it doesn’t run out of batteries, but I’d bring just a regular hand saw with extra blades just in case. The thing about traveling large distances with little or no support is most of what you need is food and water and shelter. And ounces add up fast. The old army saying is " Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain."


You don’t need to carry the tools with you after you breach the wall, you just leave them in the pickup truck of the person who gave you a ride to the border.


Or you could just bring a petrol-powered tool, in the case of things like demo saws and similar. Very easily obtained, and while it will make some noise - you’re already sawing through a steel and concrete fence post, you’re gonna be making a hell of a lot of noise anyway.


Or have a couple of guys take turns pumping a pneumatic jack.


Assuming you got a ride to the border. People are already dying on the way to and once crossing the border. Even if you dump everything after wards, the energy expended up to that point you aren’t getting back. Hacksaws, maybe even the batter packed saws are doable. Generators, not so much.


That’s why Don Jr. keeps using a zoo as a metaphor.


That, or a cheap chemical “paint” that accelerates corrosion. Slap a little here, a little there, and before the rainy season is over the whole section will come down with a bit of a tug.

Or, of course, they could make them of stainless steel. Might cost a bit more (BSEG) though.

Then there’s thermite. Cheap, doesn’t take much.


I’ve changed my mind about the wall. I saw we give Trump the $5B this time around (because that’s not nearly enough to wall off the entire border. He’ll be asking for more money for more wall the next chance he gets), and we scrutinize where every cent of that money goes. Who provides the steel? Russian owned outfits like Evraz? Who does the construction? Mob-controlled contractors Trump is cozy with from his NY real estate days? Watch for any suspicious deposits made by National Border Patrol Union leaders. Might be worth it to expose the corruption that surely behind all this.


Or move it up to exclude all those places with Spanish names.


North of Los Angeles?


So you take out multiple of these, and while they are checking them out, you waltz through yet another damaged portion.

My SO says that thermite paste would work well and you could set it up to be radio activated.


The only problem with thermite is that it is difficult to explain to the police (remember this is in Mexico). While normal construction tools are all over the place. Everyday, explainable items.


Lately I find a lot of my “likes” are very ambivalent “likes.”


What we’re mostly hearing about in that regard are desperately poor refugees from countries further South. Seeking to present themselves legally at US or Mexican facilities to claim asylum.

We do hear about people dying while crossing the border for immigration purposes. But its far, far far less common than it used to be. Because far fewer people are attempting it. But even in that case the typical pathway involved guides or coyotes to smuggle people across. Often times concealed in vehicles the whole way. And where people really did walk or swim the border, they were often ferried by a vehicle to some meet up near the crossing space. And you’re almost always talking people in groups.

In terms of drug smugglers and human traffickers. Motherfuckers build compounds, secret tunnels right up against border barriers. And sure as shit run in Trucks.

Both groups are already known to have cut down fences, or used equipment of some sort to get passed obstacles.

So pretty much any format of Trump’s imagined border violations has the capacity for tools to be brought along.

Plus these are a lot lighter than saws.


Couldn’t they just plant a dense swathe of cactus? Green, durable, practically zero upkeep.
Of course you could tunnel under it - but the tunnel would be much shorter with a steel wall.


This focus on the border is such nonsense, most drugs are simply shipped into the country in containers, hidden in the thousands of containers that are unloaded in ports every day. Some are found, most are not, literally tons of drugs are imported this way. If they are serious about stopping opiates making it in, invest in more scanners to check those containers. Much more effective than anything they could do at the border.