In DHS tests, prototypes of Trump's chosen barrier posts were easily defeated by hacksaws


Donald Trump is willing to risk another 9/11 because he wants people he promised he wouldn’t ask for money, to pay for an unnecessary vanity project.


Trump isn’t America’s most anti-immigrant president; that honor goes to Obama

Yeah, Obama that putz, I remember him saying immigrants were rapists and murderers, and how he tried to ban all Muslim immigrants, and how he said “dreamers” should be kicked out, and how he railed against “chain migration”, and constantly talked about building a wall and then he shut down the government to try to get funds, and how he had agents track people at pro-immigration rallies and later check their papers…

Oh wait, that was all Trump…well Obama deported whole a lot of people, so he’s more anti-immigrant obviously!


Yeah that is all political shenanigans and it’s super irritating. Trump is a demagogue, pure and simple. The idea of a wall is absurd. So of course the argument they are making is, “Well if they don’t want a wall, they must want open borders! So that there are more Democrats!” which makes so much not-goddamn-sense it makes my head hurt.


My understanding is that some members of the Mexican police will accept any explanation if it’s accompanied by a satchel full of money. Or a threat to murder their families. Or both.

Escorting migrants to the border (and beyond) is already a commercial operation. The expenses associated with making a hole in the fence wall and paying off the cops to look the other way while you do it are just part of the cost of doing business. And, like any other successful business, the coyotes will pass the costs on to the consumer.


People feel that way. I remember seeing more than a few places where the successful argument for Narcan funding and distribution was fear mongering that innocent people could accidentally be exposed to Fentanyl and we needed a way to protect them. The cold fact of roughly 5000 overdose deaths per year in our state didn’t sway people. The stories of the county coroners having to rent mass casualty refrigerated trailers because the morgues are overflowing didn’t do it. We saw people really move on Narcan when they thought cops and the parents of users might accidentally get hurt.


Um, no. Not even close.

Yes, terrorists occasionally DO enter through “open borders”, sure, but ZERO through the southern border, so far, according to DHS’ own numbers. So where’s that border wall between Canada and the US, then…?

The vast majority of illegals AND (non-home-grown) terrorists comes through airports and ports of entry, NOT via illegal border crossings; that’s exactly why Dolt 45’s wall is fantastically useless and foolish. The same goes for illegal drugs; most come through ports and other legal points of entry, hidden in containers and such. And the methods currently employed by traffickers that do happen to cross the border, already use methods that negate the current barrier (catapults, tunnels, and the like).

Once again: Trump’s wall is addressing a problem that does not exist in the way he insists it does. Building this boondoggle will only take away from REAL security, such as improved procedures in ports-of-entry, as well as other things, such as schools, public works, and other actually necessary stuff we keep neglecting.


i think the house democrats should offer to give the money, but only under two conditions:

trump, in a formal budget, outlines what - and more importantly precisely where - the money is spent

it’s only distributed in two years time.


I couldn’t find where the DHS said it was a hacksaw just where they said it was a saw. It was Cory Doctorow who said it was a hacksaw.


demagogues need people to do absurd things inorder to both prove loyalty to the demagogue, and to wear people down so that the demagogue gets to do - eventually - whatever they want.

the capriciousness also helps keep people off balance. you never know what they are going to want next, nor when they are going to change their mind - so you have to go to the demagogue for everything.

north korea’s leaders excel at this stuff. and look how republicans in the senate aren’t even trying to do their job. they’ve given up. they will only discuss bills if the president agrees. ( not noticing they have the power to override the president if need be. )


Yeah, that’s basically what I was saying. Just being gentle about it by not directly pointing a finger, while still clear enough, because we all know who wrote the article.


Meanwhile in America…

I just don’t get it.


They never started. The GOP hasn’t really had any interest in pushing back on or undermining Trump at any point. He’s a member of their party, and they are more concerned about maintaining their own position. And the well being of their party. Then they are with the well being of the country. And it will remain that way until it becomes absolutely clear that backing Trump is more likely to see them lose an election, than pushing back on him.

Its possible Trump’s national emergency gambit will see at least some Republicans push back on him. Because its essentially an end round on key Congressional powers. And openly pitched as such. Congress people in general aren’t likely to enjoy having their power eroded. But I find it more likely they’ll try to give it the legal rubber stamp instead of trying to prevent it.

Luckily you don’t need the whole of congress to push back on this. Individual congress people can file suit, as can the House in isolation. Or just the DNC caucus. Borders states can challenge as well.


The one on the right looks like a reciprocating saw. The left one looks like a cutting torch was used. The video has a good closeup.

But that’s neither here nor there. The narrative that we need a wall is what is truly flawed. The narrative that we require strong borders is a mantra both the right and left seem to have accepted without debate or discussion. All they want to debate is the how and have no interest in debating the why or the should. Hell, the idea that people aren’t free to walk in to this nation and declare themselves citizens has been swallowed hook line and sinker by most people without any critical analysis.



Gotta say though, the Home Depot Mexico does some horrible markups on tools and some other imported products because of horrible trade agreements with the US. All the more justification for destroying fences.


Perhaps they could find money for the wall in the banana stand?


They say there’s always money in it, if you just look :


Have you reported their employers to the federal government when they leave? I ask because, if you are indeed a strong border advocate then that’s what you should be doing, at least if you’re in favour of a cost-effective solution that doesn’t pander to Know-Nothing racists and Nativists. A bunch white middle-aged American CEOs being covered on the news as they lose their businesses and/or go to prison for years will be enough to dissuade others from making the U.S. a desirable destination for undocumented economic migrants.

Yes, through airports. Since you’re new here I’ll give you some BB links so you can catch up.

The opioid crisis (which is now only a crisis because it’s affecting white people) is as much if not more one of domestic production by pharma companies than it is of smuggling over the border.

This wall is a stupid and wasteful monument to the stupidity and bigotry and pants-pissing fear of America’s Know-Nothing 27%. That’s true whether one is a straw man advocating for totally open borders or an informed and educated advocate of sane and effective ways to provide paths to citizenship in this immigrant nation-state.


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