In dry weather this fingertip moistener is useful

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I need this! I used something like this all the time in my high school days, when I worked in a “cash cage”, sorting, counting, and bundling bills for deposit. That stuff hasn’t crossed my mind for like 50 years, and it’s especially useful now in the time of coronavirus . I struggle with opening those flimsy produce bags at the grocery, and sneaking a finger up under your mask to mo****n it is not a good look.

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Or these?

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*looks around for @Mindysan33




Is it specifically a fingertip moistener? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s specifically a finger tip moistener like suggestively shaped underarm deodorant products for women were only for underarm use.


Take off cap.
Push up bottom.
Get it wrong at least your farts will smell nice.


So I hear! :boom::blossom:

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Looks an awful lot like this:

Does it smell like vagina as well?



I’ve thought before how weird it is that (almost) everyone is fine with having saliva in their mouths, yet would be disgusted by the thought of spitting in a sterile glass and then immediately drinking it.

Anyhoo, I don’t personally have a problem with drooling all over my fingers to open those flimsy plastic bags for loose produce at the supermarket. Only, it’s not an option if you’re wearing a mask, so this product would’ve been useful over the past year. Except I’d never remember to take it with me.

I wonder if it would be possible to make a device that razor sipes the pads of your fingers so that you can open plastic bags for the next day or so without having to moisten anything.

Please please please no one incorporate any of the above with the word “gusset” :hot_face: :scream:

I remember offices having these little sponges around for just that purpose. You’d just put a bit of water on there. Can’t have been very hygienic in the long run, come to think of it.

Personally I use those rubber thimbles @anothernewbbaccount posted when embarking on a long scan job. They were a revelation when I found them in the supply closet at the office.

My head is now cold and my arse is in the air. Is this what’s supposed to happen?

They still have them at the Post Office counters round here. On the customer side as well as the staff side.


I need one of these when the the sides of the doggy poop bag refuse to separate. Sometimes there is moisture on the railing of the doggy area that I can wet a finger tip with. But otherwise I’m there for several minutes wondering if I am opening the wrong end of the bag.

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