In honor of the Egg McMuffin's 50th birthday, McDonald's is selling it for its original price of 63 cents

Originally published at: In honor of the Egg McMuffin's 50th birthday, McDonald's is selling it for its original price of 63 cents | Boing Boing


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Yeah I’m not going to install the McDonald’s app. Thanks.


Love me some Egg McMuffins. BTW, it’s Ray Kroc (not Krok).


Back in the ole’ century, was the Spring of nineteen hundred seventy six, I emancipated myself from New Jersey. On that adventure across the USofA, I had the great displeasure to be introduced to said egg sandwich for less than a dollar. The rancid revenge it took on my lower gastrointestinal system is now legendary among my drunken tails that my Dear Wife is all too familiar with. Never Again I Say!


It’s our go-to road trip breakfast, happy birthday you glorious bastard. Oh, and in this house we call it “eggamuffin”


Not eggiemcmuffin, Hmmmm.

Yup. I never could eat a McMuffin without issues…

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Apparently I’m a rube. I haven’t gone to McD’s in many years but thought I’d give it a whirl. In the drive through I discovered it was an app only deal so I parked and loaded it on my Android phone. I didn’t want to link the app to either Google or Faceballs (why do people do that?) so I used a throwaway email address. The app then asked for permission to access all photos and media. I didn’t grant that (who would?) and the app would not permit me to use it: denied.

My wife loaded the app on her iPhone, all 200mb’s of it - and despite not granting it access to her media, it worked for her. So we got one McMuffin which wasn’t very good.

Considering that food poisoning from a McD’s breakfast in Downey CA once put me in the hospital, I must be quite the optimist.


63 cents is too much if it means I have to eat the limp, dry, weirdly sweet horror that is Canadian bacon.

In case anyone wants to make their own (but better):


I bet Chris Kempczinski will blame the parents for McD’s having to raise the price in the first place.

Thumbnail looked promising. 90 seconds of that dude was enough for me, though. I’ll take his word for it.


I just went to get one and they wanted to charge me $4.19 for it. I’m thinking about filing a complaint with Mayor McCheese.


This promo was for 11/18 only… running the story on 11/19 seems a little anticlimactic (much the same as the feeling of eating at McDonald’s).


Maybe an attempt at digestion is still happening…

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Apple takes a lot of crap for App Store policies, but a lot of them work out well for the users. For example Apple prohibits apps from gating any features behind having permissions granted that don’t have an actual technical reason. So “give me your photos” is fine, as is “give me your photos or I won’t show you the ‘best’ picture to overlay the hamburger over for some sad memory parody”, but “give me your photos or I won’t do something that has nothing to do with your photos” isn’t allowed (not that app review always notices all cases, but frequently enough to make a profound difference). Photos is even special cased to “and if you don’t need all photos you need to let the user decide if they grant access to them all, or just some/one”.

(yeah, sure, I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy/ex-employee, but on the odd occasion they do something nice, I can point it out, right?)

(also I absolutely don’t agree with all their policies, I didn’t like the blanket 33% cut of all digital goods even before I left them)


Sometimes I consider this a feature!

Before I judge you, show me a picture of this “Canadian bacon” you are referring to. I often find non-Canadians are confused about bacon.

My only complaint is the bacon is too thin. Like every other fast food’s bacon, to be fair.

Not worth my hard earned $0.63

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