In honor of today's LSD anniversary, a sale on The Family Acid: California

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“Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images surged in on me, alternating, variegated, opening and then closing themselves in circles and spirals, exploding in colored fountains, rearranging and hybridizing themselves in constant flux…”

That well describes the DMT-induced trip that Gaspar Noe’s main character, Oscar, goes through in Enter the Void, Noe’s “psychedelic melodrama”. The bonus section of the EtV blu-ray includes a loop of one of Oscar’s kaleidoscopic trips, one that viewers can “trip” on non-stop (sans drugs, of course).


That discount was enough for me to finally take the plunge and order this book: very much looking forward to grokking the beautiful images.


Could I just purchase the acid instead?


First Time: '78-79 (thereabouts) - Vancouver - D.O.A. performance - Chuck Biscuits on drums, Joey Shithead (now a councillor for Burnaby, B.C.) was the lead - purple microdot - the wooden floors in this joint rippled while everyone jumped up and down - no srsly - what was the question?


My first acid trip was in Chicago about 1980. Two friends had surreptitiously probed me for a few weeks, as to what were my favorite snacks. They already knew what kind of movies I liked and they arranged an all-night acid trip hangout at their place. We enjoyed Desperately Seeking Susan, The Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell, and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

They also took the mirror off their bathroom medicine cabinet and waited for my reaction. I remember my utter shock at the resuscitation scene in The Thing. I will always remember this fabulous experience with two wickedly fun friends. Good times.


Thanks so much for the support!


Isn’t it funny how, in these strange times of semiconsensual staycation, perforated paper products keep turning out to be the best things to stock up on.

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