In last desperate attempt to end American democracy, Trump aides change his Twitter password


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I’m doing everything i can to resist photoshoping two naked men into either side of that image.


For the life of me I can’t imagine why they didn’t do this months ago.


Fear of the The Orange One making their life a living hell? He does appear to be that petty about things.


Because drumpf signs their paycheques, of course…and we all know how difficult it is to get backpay out of that orangutang.

And of course they know they won’t have a job after the election so why not do everyone a favour, right?


My question is “If you don’t trust him with a twitter account, why are you trying to make him president?”


I, for one, have full confidence that a man who can’t be trusted with a Twitter account can be totally trusted with the nuclear codes.


I’m much more afraid of his successor who will be just as racist and bigotted but able to avoid shooting themselves in the foot and therefore might actually win on a platform of hate.



I’m afraid that the lesson will be “If we almost got TRUMP elected, we must be doing something right.”


Why not? Doubling down on the crazy worked so well the last two cycles… but the GOP machine being what it is yeah they will probably do that and we will actually have David fucking Duke as the nominee.


I wonder if they told him?


That’s the media’s refrain, right?


“Oh yeah, I TOTALLY posted that excerpt from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that you asked me to, Don J!”


Obviously they changed it to something he would never think of, my guess----- Icouldbewrong


what’s to stop him (or anyone else, cough) from making a new account? it’s a tried and tested troll technique.


What was the fictional press agent that he used to have?


I really hope his campaign doesn’t encourage election night rallies. The potential for mob violence could be tremendous in the event of a Hillary win.


I wonder what sort of protective gear the handlers wear when performing this sort of intervention?