In last desperate attempt to end American democracy, Trump aides change his Twitter password


I’d need something like this if I was handling raw, unfiltered Trumptweet.


And hip-waders.


I think that’s an NBC suit right?

Sure tRump is toxic, but he’s also explosive. May want to upgrade.


All I got…


I am hoping that this train wreck of an election makes both the RNC ad DNC look at their platforms and figure out why they are so out of touch with real America. My suggestion is that the RNC use Ron Paul to assist in setting their direction and that the DNC consult Bernie Sanders.


Go for it!


They already did an autopsy of their 2012 loss, and it was full of advice that might have helped… before Trump did the exaxt opposite of every single point in it.


That won´t sadly happen. If Trump doesn´t win (which is as of now luckyly quite likely) the GOP will definitively have a severe crisis. My guess is that it will likely split in a “Realo” (sane) and “Fundi” (absolutely batshit) part, thus splitting its voters and ensuring that the Democrats win elections for years to come. The Democrats will, in lack of a real opposition, be able to do whatever they please, for good or bad.


They’ve basically already split into somewhere between three and eight subfactions, all engaged in a Mexican Standoff to be the first to break from the party and automatically loose all the “brand recognition”. They’re all hoping that they’ll be able to be the last ones left with a claim ti the “Party Of Lincoln”


So basically the party is allready in a death spiral but the only thing that keeps them from imploding yet is the fear that the voters will ditch them when they are not Republicans anymore? Its like a disfunctional family!


And everybody in Trump’s campaign know they have seen their last paycheck from him.


They are propped up by the first past the post voting system. If it was possible to win with a third party in the US, the republicans would likely be down to about 30% of the vote.


Consulting with Bernie Sanders is pretty much what the Democrats did; the current party platform is quite liberal.


There’s always Snapchat. Wait! Can you snap with tiny fingers?


Well… The platform was originally designed to allow children to sext each other “discreetly”.


On election night 2012, Mitt Romney fired his staffers and canceled the campaign’s credit cards, so aides who’d been expensing their commutes for months suddenly had to pay for their own cab rides home from the (planned) Victory Party.

You’re seriously underestimating Trump if you think he’s only outdoing Romney on the cheating-the-help front by a couple of days or weeks. Remember that story last week about how he had stiffed his previous pollster by 1/2 of their fees, over $800K? If you look more closely you’ll see that he didn’t pay them anything until September - more than three months after he hired them. He’s also reportedly stopped paying his current pollster, the one that replaced that one.

If he waited more than three months to pay his pollster, then stiffed them for half the bill, why wouldn’t he also be months behind on paying everyone else in his campaign? Except for the bills to pay for his airplane and the doubtless excessive office space rented from Trump Tower of course …


I rather suspect Snapchat would bridle at your use of the word “children” in that sentence.



“The youngest segment of the available market.”


Seriously, why does anyone work with this guy? It seems like playing the lottery only with more work.


Sure, but (1) those factions aren’t all that split, they share a common interest; (2) assuming Clinton gets in they can continue their shared nihilist strategy of blocking everything and bemoaning government dysfunction, and reap rewards at the midterms; and (3) there may be several distinguishable factions, maybe … but are any of them, or at least any with any influence, remotely sane or decent?