In Madagascar, pineapple jokes are a form of dangerous, soon-to-be-banned dissent


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Mostly I’m a misanthrope, but sometimes I totally love people and what they come up with under the worst of conditions. This is a spot-on laser beam of political dissent. Bravo, Madagascar!


While the people starve, this is what’s going on over in the capital


It’s “Dolce & Gabbana” unless she was wearing a local parody knock-off … #spellcheck


president Hery Rajaonarimampianina

Hery Raja…ona…notgonnaworkhereanymore.



I can’t help but be reminded of Pineapple Pokopo from “The Tick,” which was himself a satire of Noriega.





(I fixed that for the president)


Ho ho, could never happen here, eh?

Oh, wait:

Also: So is Malagasy the plural-whatever of Madagascar ?


If weʻre talking pineapples here it should be “Dole” & Gabbana.


Pineapple Pokopo: You are going to help create powerful weapons for me!

Space Monkey: Why would I help you?

Pineapple Pokopo: Because, I may not be a very smart man, or a very handsome man. But I am a very big man. You are a very small monkey. Big man, small monkey. Big man, small monkey


I’d like this comment, but I’m an actual misanthrope.


Don’t forget who lives in a pineapple under the sea.


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