In search of the perfect screwdriver

If you’re using a non-ratcheting screwdriver, what are you even doing? I have one with multiple bits that store in the handle–and the handle can operate either straight on for tight-space jobs, or, with an adjustment, as an L-shaped handle for additional leverage when you’ve got the room.

i find that a blend of two parts mineola tangelo/one part honey tangerine/one part blood orange gives the best balance of tartness to sweetness for a screwdriver. all freshly squeezed, of course.


I find that the tips of those wear out pretty easily, generally mid-turn, especially on higher-quality screws.

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Seriously, has no one posted this yet???
I am disappointed


Bahco, for reasons described in an earlier thread on Weras:

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I haven’t bought a screwdriver in probably 30 years. I did buy a very nice mechanics toolkit for our RV about 6 years ago but no individual screwdrivers in years.

These are more than enough.


No love for Wera?
This is little torque driver is probably the most expensive screwdriver currently around me.

I also love the ifixit driver set for electronics.

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Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. I thought the weird handles on the Wera screwdrivers were a bit contrived until I held one and looked at what my fingers were doing and then the handles made sense.

I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks but so far, I love them.

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