In the 1600s, baked goods made with flour and urine were believed to ward off evil

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Well, it would definitely ward me off. I think of myself as being more lawful neutral than evil, though.

And I had absolutely nothing to do with souring your cow’s milk, either. Go on, try to prove it Devin.


Well, now that the cakes are ready, it must be time for afternoon tea:

In ancient China, compressed teas were usually made with thoroughly dried and ground tea leaves that were pressed into various bricks or other shapes, although partially dried and whole leaves were also used. Some tea bricks were also mixed with binding agents such as flour, blood or manure…


The modern use is to leave in the fridge to ward off snitch roommates.

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And in case you were wondering…


Evil people, not coincidentally, also do not enjoy eating urine bread.

It was pissed-in powered

“Tell me again what was in this?”

“Urine for a treat.”

“What kind of a treat?”

“I peed in your food.”


ok, a double mocha-latte-frappachino with 2 pumps
annnd? a one of those pumpkin-spice piss-cakes

to go.


It’s the dog who got the short end of this deal. If it was humans who were being bewitched, a human should be the one required to ingest the stuff, not the family mutt.


Oh go on. If you smeared shit on top the doggo would roll around on it before wolfing it down.

Ask me how I know.

I double dare you.

“LOL people in the old days believed some weird shit. Now excuse me while I chug some aquarium cleaner and horse dewormer to cure my respiratory virus.”


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