In the olden days, creepy men would give "acquaintance cards" to women

For what is worth, I’ve been added a few times only for my cute mug. And hey, it’s cool to feel attractive and desired and so on… but most of the time they’re old guys with lots of grammar mistakes and no shared interests whatsoever except sex. And then I feel like creeped out.

Of course, an eighteen years old guy added me in that same way - and since then we’ve exchanged more than two thousand texts in a couple of weeks.

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There is no foolproof way to introduce yourself to someone you find attractive that is able to make you come off not-creepy.

At least, that’s what I’ve concluded from my long-standing record of romantic failure.

Ironically, I’d say probably the least creepy way to introduce one’s self to someone they find attractive is to find an attractive prostitute and ask them for business. No deceit, everything’s out in the open, no need for obfuscating exactly what you want out of the entire relationship, the prostitute is expecting the advance. It’s business. That cuts down on any likelihood of that person finding you creepy, but I’d personally say that hiring a hooker in itself is either desperate or creepy enough on its own.

Isn’t a singles bar basically the same as a Level-4 biolab, but without the protective gloveboxes, fumehoods and sanitation stations?

I sit down for a drink at the counter, and all I see is:
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Go to the bathroom, all I see is:
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I order a Reuben:

When I finally settle on a beer:


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