In the Writers' Room, Creating a Scaramucci


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH our universe’s writers’ room comes up with a new hilariously improbable character based on a historical stock character, a Scaramucci!


If we are indeed following Commedia dell’Arte, who is going to be the Plague Doctor? (Appears in at least one play as I recall.)

Or perhaps this is a rehash of Pagliacci. In which case I look forward to the moment Trump strides onto the stage, sweeps his arms wide in a tragic gesture and proclaims “La commedia e finita!”


Then we’ll need a whole performance of Cavalleria rusticana as well. I Pagliacci is too short for a standalone performance by today’s standards.


Fingers crossed for Joe Pierrot to take the role next.


Mooch we hardly knew ya. And that’s a good thing…


“Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s cheerful. Says life seems bright and accommodating. Says he feels loved by a friendly world where what lies ahead is definite and certain. Doctor says, ‘Treatment is simple. Great clown Trump is in White House tonight. Go and see him. That should depress you.’ Man cackles madly. Says, ‘But doctor…I am Trump.’”


Just slot in a couple of breaks for commercials.
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The show is coming along nicely, but I do feel that the writers should pace themselves a little. Otherwise they may run out of material for the second season.


The network already paid for 4 seasons, with an option for another 4… The writers don’t care, anything will do.

(Talking of networks, writers and Italian comedy, I can’t help thinking of the fabulous tv series Boris - where tv writers are always on a beach or a yacht, laughing at the crap they wrote, “can you believe they loved it??”…)


It’s funny because it EXPLAINS EVERYTHING.


The character I’m worried they’ll introduce is Donald Trump’s Evil Twin.


I think he IS the evil twin.


He cant be the evil twin, no goatee.


But not too long.


It migrated


But what if in the mirror universe, he does have a goatee and he’s not the evil one?


The network can cancel you at any time. It’s in the small print.




Hasn’t happened for 40 years, it’s unlikely to happen now - unless they find out the whole story was plagiarized from a Russian novel.