TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Inevitable President Trump Reality TV Show

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This is like, a best case scenario, right?
So far so good, can’t wait until next week’s episode: President Trump fixes that whole climate thingee.


The actor they got to play Putin is terrible.

What’s that you say? That’s not an actor? This is really happening?

I’m gonna jump out a window and shoot myself in the head on the way down.


We already had that president, but his name was Bush.


You’re fired!!!


Somewhat OT, but isn’t it the case that someone phoned up Elton John pretending to be Putin, and John was taken in? After it came out, he got phoned up by the real Putin, but I don’t think he has revealed what was said.

You can say what you like about Putin (and there are many things you could say) but if you line up all the present candidates for President of the US, the only one that looks even vaguely in Putin’s class is Clinton. Of course the role is very different, but it does show the advantages of a history of incumbency, even if Clinton spent part of hers with no official status, as the President’s wife.

The entire Republican line up looks like little men with puffed out chests who have spent their time fighting unimportant battles - over golf courses and wind farms in Trump’s case, over small scale political battles and unimportant side issues in the others. Meanwhile big things are happening in the rest of the world and most Americans seem unaware, or at least focussing on the wrong issues (the Middle East rather than all of Asia and much of Africa, for one.) TDB is making an important point, but it applies to the other contenders as well.


I said months ago I would vote for him only if there was 24/7 camera coverage. There would be a daily recap show on say NBC, and you can pay a premium for HBO access that shows all the “too hot for TV stuff”, or the exclusive VIP package what allows 24 hour streaming of the feed.


one person’s droll comic is my cold, creeping dread.



i read this in his voice.

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I dunno; I’d be very interested to see President Sanders handle him.

Bernie’s a serious guy.


I put Sanders off to one side because he is so different. For one thing he does not have a large entrenched machine behind him, like Putin and Clinton. Intellectually I suspect all three are equals. A few of the Republicans have obviously got functioning brains but they are so narrowly focussed that it has no bearing on their suitability for the Presidency. Carson stands out as an example - obviously once a superb technician, but so narrow that he can entertain bonkers ideas about Creationism at the same time.
I suspect Putin would see Sanders as someone capable of understanding the rationale of Russian fears, and dialing back both the propaganda and the threats (like the Romanian missiles). A new Yalta conference could make the world a safer place - if the MIC would permit it, which I doubt.

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