In three states, people like weed more than any presidential candidate




What’s wrong with the other 47 states?


Weed’s having difficulty getting ballot access, I presume.



I’m always bothered when people just tune out from the whole political process.
But in this case, they’re right.


sadly not anymore. RIP Mitch.


Of course they do. Weed keeps all the promises it made to you four years ago.

Dammit @Papasan! You have lupus!


Dude, that’s my “reply” to your reply.


Ugh, how are people taking Rand Paul seriously even as a human being, much less as a potential president?

If these were the choices before me I’d have to go with weed too.


Listening to some of the candidates can make me feel like I’m high. Or that someone is, anyways. Too bad it’s not quite as fun.


I think it’s interesting these are three of the traditional “swing states.” What’s the matter with you, Virginia? Get on board!



I find it interesting that Hillary leads the pack, even over Rubio in Florida.

But then, she’s the only Democratic candidate listed, so the partisan vote isn’t split on that side.


Its never lupus.


And that’s DILL weed, so the candidates are REALLY unpopular


Why him in particular? I don’t think he’s any worse than any other potential republican nominee, and better than some. I mean, I know that’s setting the bar pretty low.


I know, right? Well, duh.


How come beer isn’t running? Like, nothing is more populist…I mean popular. Beer can kick weeds ass. But how about a combined ticket?


anybody have a mirror for the site?


Meanwhile “New poll finds that Congress is less popular than hemorrhoids, potholes, and even dog poop…”