New map of United States pot laws

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Something about this map. Seems :sniff: familiar somehow.


Indeed. Remains to be seen how the trumpkin responds.


Fucking VT politicians…


Luckily, the grey zone has safe and legal alternatives:

(“Prescribing rates per 100 persons (in quartiles), by state and drug type — IMS Health, United States, 2012” )

The maps are hardly perfect inverses of one another; but they certainly don’t appear random.


I think this is what you’re looking for:


I find this map confusing. California has had medical marijuana for a few years now, and our newest ballot initiative was for recreational marijuana (like Nevada and Mass). However, these 3 states are the same color as Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota, which approved medical marijuana (not recreational). Using the same color is misleading, since it implies that similar initiatives were passed in these 6 states and that they all had similar stances toward marijuana prior to Tuesday’s election. (Also, this map probably looks like a bunch of mush to folks with red-green colorblindness. Sorry to be so critical, but one of my unusual passions/hobbies is visual display of info/data. :slight_smile: )


Well, well. Now I’m a hop, skip, and a jump away from San Diego, and I’m pretty darn sure my alma mater is having a celebration over in Gainesville, FL.

Science fact: I was a hard worker, and graduated with honors while smoking a little pot every damned day. :grinning:


I’m high right now.


FWIW, glad to see Mark’s posts on BBS.


It’s not just you. The map does such a poor job of providing any useful information that I found myself laughing at it.


Or you know you could put in a little effort and go to the actual site where you will find the map is actually interactive and has information on each state when you click on it.


Ok so now we need a map where we can gay marry, and have medical marijuana at the reception for any relatives totally shocked that we gay married.


I think that map was what we were all looking for Nov. 8.

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Putting ‘a little effort in’ involves:

  1. ignoring the noisy video at the top of the page,

  2. scrolling down to the colored-coded map 2/3rds of the way through the article and then peering at it a bit since the legend is difficult to read,

  3. clicking on a state without being sure that will have an effect, since there are no pop-up bubbles to prompt you when you scroll your cursor across it. When you click on a state, a reasonably well designed chart drops down in the page below the map image. It indicates what the ballot measure was and the numbers and percentages who voted for or against it.

Speaking as someone who has to occasional design map images in the course of work: the design flaws are significant, and they go beyond a confusing color scheme. However, the drop down chart you reach if the design-fails don’t stop you is well done.

I would not belittle anyone for failing to get this far however.


I had already, and was pleasantly surprised that the interactive map had more useful info. Doesn’t change the fact that the map, as posted, could be a lot better. Also, what hmclachlan said.


I’ve had a migraine building since, well probably the election results. Stress is a trigger. For me, these headaches usually come with 12+ hours of continuous vomiting. I did not have to spend all last night throwing up because medical cannabis stops the nausea.

It may be preaching to the choir on BB, but seriously, if there’s anyone on the fence about the issue, please vote for it when your state next considers it. It makes a big difference to some of us.


What does the map “where we can gay marry” look like other than an entire map of North America?


Well, he’s on something a lot stronger but if only he were on weed, it would calm him the fuck down.

(4min mark)

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/clenches trembling fists

This cannot stand! It is VERY IMPORTANT that pot be against the law!