2017, year of top-shelf marijuana and accessories

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How do you know where I keep my stash! :angry:


BB adverbot sees all.


Remember not to jump the gun in your search for marijuana itself.
Many sources point out -just because the ballot measure passed, does not mean stores can sell the green stuff yet. There is the possibility that sorting out the rules may take as long as January 1, 2018 - though it’s likely to happen sooner. I think results may vary according to county jurisdiction.


Just like what happened here in WA several years back. Just because it’s decriminalized doesn’t mean there aren’t so many rules.


Just last week we learned that our new state law in MA is actually going to be mostly delayed a year.

In related news, the most common punting distance for our state legislators is ‘a year’.


I hitched a ride from Tulsa to Oklahoma city (right before it all went down for Washington) with a gentleman who sold his trucking business to go all in growing for the pharmaceutical industry.
A really cool dude, he explained a bit how many legal hoops they had to leap through before they could commence growing. I hope everything worked out for him.


Successful marketing of this “high end” stuff depends on the federal government staying out of west coast (primarily) states’ business. Why does anyone see that as likely?

We didn’t vote for the Orange Man. He may well boost his status with his base by selectively punishing “coastal liberals” with anti-pot “crack downs”. A tactic that might also mollify his most dangerous enemies among the Republcian power elite. There are people on the right gearing up to replace him with Pence, because…morality!


That video is some /r/nottimanderic fodder.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if it ended with Cinco Industries.

If I were a betting man, I’d say we won’t see actual recreational pot stores open until much later than that. “Gosh, we need a whole lot more time to figure out how to do what’s already being done,” Charlie Baker will say, pocketing a wad of cash.


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