Massachusetts racks up $2.2 million in marijuana sales in 5 days

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C’mon Maryland, if stodgy old Massachusetts is doing it, you can do it too! Legalize it!


If it’s anything like California, sales will taper off within a year, and prices will drop as the shine will fade.


I was out on that stretch of road in Leicester on Black Friday (for unrelated reasons), and it was crazy-pants. Almost a mile of traffic backed up on a country two-lane highway.

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We prefer the term curmudgeonly, at least when we’re not busy giggling at the idea that our toes are like mini foot fingers.


Since recreational sale in California has been legalized, it’s actually been more difficult to get medicinal items as some dispensaries have focused more on the recreational user and have cut back on the medicinal products - primarily topical and caplets.

Then there are the counties that still don’t have their act together so I have to drive to a different county to pick up my meds.


All this despite the state dragging its feet for 2 whole fucking years. This law was passed in 2016, and there were already medical dispensaries legally operating out there. Unbelievable.


That sucks, especially when in places like San Diego, the recreational stuff is as stale and hard as a week-old donut.

Edit: To clarify, there’s a huge glut in the market, and stock is dehydrating on the shelf pretty quickly.

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Salem’s opening will be interesting to watch as it will be the closest dispensary to Boston.

Well, plus the witches. Very interesting indeed.

The entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts:


“including the city of Peabody”

And for all of you who haven’t lived in MA - that’s pronounced “puberty”.

Kinda like Worcester; the letters have an informal relationship to the sounds.


The two dispensaries, located in Leicester and Northampton

Neighbors of Cultivate, the Leicester dispensary

you need commas after “Northampton” and “dispensary”

I’ve also heard locals pronounce it as “Pibbity”.

An easy 15 minute walk from the train. Halloween in Salem next year will be wacky.

Meanwhile the Somerville area has decided on a “moratorium” on even talking about recreational weed. I imagine they’ll want to start chatting more about it once they see the tax numbers.




Somerville? really?


For being “the coolest city on the east coast” (or whatever label the Globe has this month), our local aldermen are a bunch of old creepy farts. Somerville still has a law that any food truck has to be physically tethered to a brick-and-mortar restaurant because they’re scared of them. I went to a town meeting a couple of years ago to hear these same aldermen talk about how they didn’t want a new Mexican place to open because they didn’t want drunk Mexican people and Mariachi bands late at night. Seriously.


As a proud Marylander, I’ll have you know I take great umbrage at your comment, sir/madam!

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I’d rather it be seen as just a normal thing no one cares about, rather than the next big cash cow. But if money is what it takes to get states to legalize it then i can put up with that initial madness.


Partake with the witches. It’ll be fun.

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Haha, I forgot about that skit. good times.