Massachusetts racks up $2.2 million in marijuana sales in 5 days


Meanwhile, in that time there’s been a huge rush to open ‘smoke shops’ to sell paraphernalia it seems like on every block around here. But the clerk at the one around the corner from my house looks pretty lonely in there most of them time, surrounded by shelves of glass bongs, and the closest legal weed being sold many miles away.


“It’ll be fun,” they said


I’ve seen this too, guy behind the counter at the smoke shop in Maplewood square is always resting his head on the counter watching videos on his phone.

I also got a kick out of how the 666 tobacco shop in JP finally removed the “for tobacco use only” sign from their tiny display of pot pipes.


I’ve never met a single person that used tobacco in a glass pipe, but nice to see the charade dropped finally lol. It’s the same as Hydroponic shops that sell kits for “tomato plants”


There’s a hydroponic shop near me; I stopped in once because I was legitimately thinking of using some basement space for growing veggies. The salesman kept pointing to things and telling me it was great for GROWING HERBS, MAN and that this kit would be awesome for SUPER DANK… HERBS… HUH HUH HUH.


To me, this is similarly clueless. Do they think that all the people who waited until weed was LEGAL to smoke are going to buy giant glass bongs that still stink and need to be cleaned and all that? Seems to me that edibles and vapes are the way people are using, nobody wants to be a responsible adult using mj legally while feeling like a tie-dyed burnout.


When I lived in Vegas (before they legalized pot) I saw hydroponic grow shops everywhere. Some specifically had tomato plants as part of their logo, which is pretty much code for pot because they both have similar grow needs. And yeah the people that worked at those places were pretty similar to what you describe, it might’ve as well been a smoke shop.


Nope. It should be legal, convenient, and covered in chocolate.


Do the Girl Guides still have a rule against selling cookies near pot shops? (“It’s not so much a rule as a guideline.”)


Grew up two towns over and mostly heard it pronounced as “Peabahdy”.

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