California gets pot legalization proposition on the November ballot

With 600K signatures, a measure to legalize pot in California is headed for November’s ballot. I don’t see how it doesn’t pass. Also, Gavin Newsom is clearly looking for a White House bid eventually - gay marriage, pot legalization… it’ll be a while, but it seems inevitable that he runs.

From the Associated Press Article

The measure, known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, would allow residents and visitors 21 and over to buy an ounce of marijuana and marijuana-infused products at licensed retail outlets and also grow up to six pot plants for personal recreational use.

Sales of both recreational pot and medical marijuana initially would be subject to a 15 percent excise tax. Cities and counties would retain the right to prohibit marijuana-related businesses and to impose their own fees and taxes.


Excellent! I think if it passes, it means more states will continue to follow. Enough states get on board, they are going to have to remove it from schedule one status, yeah?


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