Vermont will be the 9th state to legalize marijuana

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Wow, that site is full of lies, offering up opinions as facts without any citations.


Facts? Citations? Why do you want every American child to die of overdose? Why?



Wait, I live about 2 hours away from the VT/NY border! What do we do when MS13 thugs and child prostitutes begin spilling over the border with their anuses filled with devil-weed? Someone call Sam Brownback, stat!

Edit: Phone auto corrected anuses to abuses. Coincidence? Probably not.


The Rebel State of California welcomes you to the party.


I want to know what Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s new ice cream flavour will be now.


He’s on the appropriation committee for the justice dept. That’s why he wan’t to keep cannabis illegal.

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Reactions from a Vermonter…

  1. There’s still a question if our Gov’nor will sign it. He’s pulled the shit of promising to sign and reneging once before and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t pull it again.

  2. @papasan come talk to us when your legislature approves it instead of those silly ballot measures :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. This is a tiny step past the existing decriminalization law on our books. It doesn’t pardon those who have a criminal record thanks to prohibition, nor does it allow for sales. Since our neighbors to the south, east, and north will all have recreational sales within a few years, it forced the hand of the legislature to act.

  4. I look forward to the grey market of “Buy this ziplok baggie for $50 and there’s a free gift inside” this legislation creates.


(Apologies in advance.) Another brick in the wall.

I can’t help but be amused that this was signed in to law only hours after Sessions gave his little speech.
Sessions: NO more pot shops
Vermont: Hold my beer.


And yet VT is one of the only states to ban kratom, which a lot of people are using to kick opiates.

Strange state…

Wait, let me get this straight. Marijuana is ILLEGAL in other states?? What the…? That is sooo bizarre. Is alcohol and contraceptives also illegal? I mean, are women allowed to have driver’s licenses where you live?

I’ve read about such primitive laws in history books, but I thought that marijuana prohibition was just a goofy relic of the past, like 1920s alcohol prohibition. I stand corrected.


Washington state
Time stamp: 21st century


Yeah, well we need ballot measures because our politicians are too cowardly or corrupt to actually represent the wishes of their constituents.

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Yeah, ballot measures giveth and they taketh away. I always wonder why I’m expected to run the state. Don’t we hire people for that? And ballot initiatives are easily manipulated by rich people to deal themselves a slice of state money (like T Boone Pickens tried, but thankfully failed). Occasionally there’s a good one, like this. But it’s just as much law as anything the legislature does. And it keeps them safe from political risk.
In short, good for VT!

Yes, Washington State. Where weed has been legal for what, 15 minutes?

I get the gag but this is like being excoriated by the evangelical ex smoker who quit smoking last week.

-rolls red, itchy eyes-




When pot was decriminalized and legalized here in Mass but retail sales weren’t allowed yet (they still aren’t), lots of enterprising folks popped up on Craigslist and various campus message boards trying the whole “hey, buy my $50 artisanal chocolate chip cookies and I’ll throw in some ganja as a gift!” thing, but they’ve been cracking down on that pretty rapidly.


4 years actually, but who’s counting?

Sorry you took it this way. I would recommend growing a thicker skin if it weren’t for the fact I was mocking state and federal governments and our uptight society in general, not individual US citizens living in states that haven’t repealed marijuana prohibition yet. So, perhaps a college course in literary satire would be better suited for your case.

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Can’t talk, too stoned…

All the happy consumers in WA, maybe?