New California law says only a human – not a drone or robot – can deliver marijuana


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I imagine that whatever rules California puts in place for legalization and retail will largely become the framework for the national rollout (when that happens), so I’m very curious as to how they’ll implement things.




QUERY: is it legal for robots to possess marijuana for personal use
       as long as they are not delivering it

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They don’t want the cannibots to take over, I guess. Which, you know, they would.


Stoners Union: We keep it real & for realz.


Good! Those damn drones are terkin er jerbs!!!


Thus, Bender returns to the unemployment line.


Great. if everything I love is gone, the robots won’t be able to offer me a joint.


Potential work around. Have an unmanned system deliver the pot to an approved 3rd party, who is then responsible for doing the final delivery. Could make the logistics of distribution/delivery easier, though i’m no expert :stuck_out_tongue: Then again autonomous driving is not a regular thing yet so… i don’t see why this law is a big deal in the short term.


Driving stoned is properly unlawful.

But what about stones driving?


The attention here is on the futuristic “drones” aspect–but what jumped out at me is that it can’t be delivered using a human-powered vehicle, so I guess bicycles are out. What sense does that make?! And from this, I can’t tell whether delivery on foot will be allowed…


I have to wonder whether the cannibots really have the level of ambition to enslave humanity.



I mean, is it OK for a drone to deliver alcohol? Gotta verify ID/age.


Is this only recreational weed we’re talking about, or does this apply to hospital robots and medical marijuana too?


So people on islands have to grow their own?


I prefer the term Cannabots


“Cannabis goods will be required to be transported inside commercial vehicles or trailers,” the bureau states. “Transportation may not be done by aircraft, watercraft, rail, drones, human powered vehicles, or unmanned vehicles.”

So… bike deliveries are a no, then? That seems… unnecessarily restrictive.


Yeah, that’s a better spelling.


In financial markets, consensus earnings forecasts for Amazon (AMZN) were revised downwards following announced California regulations prohibiting the delivery of marijuana by drone. In other news, a bulging blood vessel was reportedly spotted just off Jeff Bezos’ forehead this afternoon.