New California law says only a human – not a drone or robot – can deliver marijuana


That’s half of how the American System works, right?

Successful policies enacted in California will eventually be enacted in all other states, except Texas.

Failed policies enacted in Texas will eventually be enacted in all other states, including California.


I dunno, LOTS of Texans smoke weed. And it used to be a big hub for bringing it in from Mexico (I don’t think it is as much as it used to be).


Only humans are permitted to deliver? That’s ridiculous. I firmly believe that if Saint Bernards can deliver brandy in tiny barrels attached to their necks, they should be allowed to do the same with weed.


  1. A robot must not deliver marijuana to a human, as long as such delivery does not conflict with the first three laws.

I think there’s some grey area there. :thinking:


If only it were not just a fanciful myth

Although in legend casks of liquor were strapped around the dogs’ collars to warm up travelers, no historical records exist that document this practice.


Kinda! California’s weed economy is so massive that however they deal with retail sales (if it works out OK) will likely be the standard. Here in Mass. they’re just now starting to figure it out with the rollout starting in June 2018. I’m not quite sure why states don’t just look at what works in Washington and Colorado and adapt it rather than start from scratch.


I sure hope it’s not the Massachusetts model! In theory, good model, in practice… lets just say… we invented Gerrymandering, and this new system isn’t going to be any better than that roll-out was.

I’m not quite sure why states don’t just look at what works in Washington and Colorado and adapt it rather than start from scratch.

Big fan of the CO model.


No Juggernauts either :frowning:


[Knock Knock Knock] It’s me, Dave. Open up, man, I got the stuff.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid you’re not here.


What’s surprising is that the chairman of the Cannabis Council (who had their first meeting today), despite having voted against legalization, is gung-ho for getting it done efficiently and on-time. He was on NPR this morning, talking about how enthusiastic he is for it now and for looking to other states for tips on doing it right this time.


Someone must have noticed that MA stoners vote. Thanks for that update, I’ll have to see what the buzz is on that.


As if they could stop them.

(Yes, I always go for the low hanging yuks.)


Calm down, Bender.


I’m already paranoid about my sexbot. I don’t need to be freaking out about my dopebot too. Thanks for caring, California.


Nor this thing, I guess.


Well, these seem to not be unreasonable security measures. I’m betting mostly against teens.

Where I grew up, occasionally teens would order a pizza to the house, then, while the rushing and flustered delivery person was arguing with your friend at the house, who is vehemently denying ordering pizza, but is asking what kind, maybe they’ll buy it anyway as they haven’t eaten yet, then trying to collect money from friends in the house to pay for it, and a healthy tip of course… Other friends would be out at the poor sod’s car testing door handles etc… (which were often unlocked because the pizza guy never anticipated this delivery taking so long…). The poor pizza guy often got his pizza load lightened for the cost of one pizza, and showed up at his next stop sadly disappointed.

It’d be easy for teens to roll a drone etc… for the weed, and the deliveree to claim innocence and lack of knowledge of who those ninja suited teens who stole their delivery (pre-delivery) were.

Man, teens suck.


Your “friends” were evil genius’!


Not only no bicycles, but the weed needs to be in a specially locked safe in a car. CA seems very concerned to make sure that there is no way for any unintended party to access the stuff, despite it being mostly harmless. I doubt if the state requires such paranoia around alcoholic beverages, for instance. FFS, I bought a jug of hydrochloric acid and it was delivered via FedEx with no special ceremony, and it’s a lot more hazardous than cannabis.


But that’s an awful high. No good at all. Don’t do HCl unless you’re gonna cut it with some NaOH - that mix is arguably beneficial in reasonable doses, but will make you really thirsty!


Hacking is what i figured this law was made to prevent