New California law says only a human – not a drone or robot – can deliver marijuana


Quiet, you! If you persist in your delinquent and disquieting myth-busting ways, you will be asked to get off the lawn.


Absolutely silly as well


That’s ok, i think that St Bernard has already used the lawn


Would I get sued if I opened a Jimmy’s Js?

“Jimmy’s Js. Freaky fast delivery!”

“Oh wow, man. That was so fast. It is like, freaking me out. I mean, did I call you, or did I just think about calling you, and here you are. Wild.”


Recreational marijuana is not legal for sale until 2018.


Unless that human is employed by the USPS…


The other spelling is too close on the nose for those who expect robots will try to eat us.

Like this one!



yes, we are discussing the regulations being drafted in preparation. What do you think of the law discussed in the post, which will come into effect in 2018, as you quite correctly stated.


I think the confusion here comes from the statement in the article above that “recreational marijuana is now legal”, which is quite true.

Like Massachusetts, it’s now legal in California to be in possession of, use, and gift any amount of marijuana to someone as long as no money exchanges hands. But retail sales are not allowed until 2018.


Well, the north border is within 30 miles of Colorado, so…


Well, if you devised a way to power it with a hamster treadmill and put some doors on it.


No ones job is safe.


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