In true Trump fashion, Truth Social is not paying its bills

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Why not cut them off? Genuinely, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just cut their service.


wait, so when trump blathered on about a “free speech platform,” they thought he was talking about the 1st amendment…?


Because they’d respond by posting a bad review on Truth Social, which would … no wait.




I’d imagine it’s something to do with how their users are the worst people in the country. Taking away their favorite toy without warning would just lead to RightForge’s employees receiving online harassment, death threats, swatting, etc.


…and even posting an explanation (TruthSocial hasn’t paid its bills for 3 months, despite many reminders. They are not a charity, so in the spirit of the Invisible Hand, that Hand is moving to flip the switch off.)


Just another advertisement for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

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Besides the death threats etc. who knows? Maybe they’re True Beleivers. One thing for sure: threatening a lawsuit is just digging deeper into the hole because Trump will drag it out forever and never pay, even after the court orders him to.


Never try to threaten Trump with a lawsuit. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.


If only there were some way that the hosting company could have anticipated this totally unforeseeable turn of events.


Not to mention a dozen baseless Trump lawsuits, which still cost money even when they’re ridiculous. You’d think Trump loses money on those, but filing them, then slowly dropping them before he loses in court may still be cheaper than actually paying his bills. Meanwhile some other conservative hosting company will be salivating over how much attention they’ll get if they jump in and save Trump’s ass by hosting Truth for even less money. They’ll never get paid, either.


color me the opposite of shocked.


Isn’t it pitiful that the surprising (actually AMAZING) thing would have been if Trump actually, for once, did the right thing and paid his bills? Truth Central, er… Social is something that he seems to think is phenomenally good, so why WOULDN’T he take care of it? Oh, because he’s Trump, and… Trump. NEVER. Pays. His. BILLS!


Because it didn’t turn him into the Social Media GOD he thought it would.


I’m assuming it was purely a result of how billing works - i.e. that “Truth” pay for internet services already rendered, so when they don’t pay, the account is big enough that the host doesn’t want to cut off “Truth” for fear that they won’t ever get paid. It’s how Trump’s businesses work normally - make sure he owes enough money that his creditors keeping giving him more in the vain hopes that they’ll get some of it back eventually. Everyone should really know better than that by now. Charitably, the web host presumably made the mistake of thinking the business in this case was sufficiently separated from Trump that it wouldn’t work that way…


This is standard practice with a service like this. They are probably on Net 30 billing, which can be extended to Net 60, Net 90, and even Net 120 in extreme circumstances, depending on the contract. It’s a form of inter-business credit, basically because it’s better in the long run for everyone if the business is kept afloat and given a chance to make good on the debts.

There’s a limit though, at which point it goes to Collections. Again, they won’t be cut off quite yet because you can’t get blood from a stone and it’s in the service provider’s best interest to keep them alive long enough to make good if at all possible. Cut off will happen, but it’s a last resort to avoid going to court to get your debts paid, or getting stuck holding the bag entirely.


Of course stiffing his creditors and then stringing them along for as long as he can is one of the things that Trump is convinced makes him a great businessman. Trump is one of those people that thinks that the party on the other side of any deal being unhappy and complaining is what shows that you got the best deal possible.


I guarantee you that this deadbeat will use a variation of the grift he’s been pushing for 40+ years: “Once other people see that you got hired by a classy, really the best celebrity billionaire like me, you’ll make more money than I promised you, believe me!”

Seriously, two separate people who got stiffed by him told me this independently of each-other in the late '90s.

It amazes me that any vendor is still stupid and deluded enough to trust him, but this is a right-wing Web hosting company we’re discussing.