Inaugural Post: Bread Edition

I love making bread but don’t make it often enough because of reasons. Here’s my latest though.

Made it for a work potluck and ate all the leftovers myself over the course of two days. :slight_smile:


It looks amazing. I love bread. We used to have a bakery in the area that specialized in breads (not a glorified coffee shop) but they went out of business. I miss those guys. I hope this is not heretical, but I also miss our bread machine.

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What’s the red stuff?

And…now I want bread.

There’s a place around the block from me that looks like the normal variety store/coffee/doughnuts/pizza/bread place, but behind the storefront is a large bakery area. I just did some rough measurements in Google Maps and the back area is about 2000 square feet. They have some really cool large machines and ovens back there.

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It’s paprika. Original recipe calls for you to just pick some herbs and
spices and dump it on there. For as long as I’ve been making it, I’ve
picked paprika, oregano, rosemary, and one other thing that escapes my mind
at the moment. I went a bit overboard this time because I’d lost the top
thing that restricts the flow. Still tasted amazing. :smiley:


Eh, it might be slightly heresy but as a Discordian, I embrace heresy. Not
fond of bread machines myself but I’ll admit that they do make bread easy
to make and way less time consuming in general. Which means everyone makes
more bread! Win in my book.

Speaking of which, this is the easiest bread recipe I’ve ever made. No
kneading involved. I’ll try to remember to link later for anyone interested.


Woohoo. Now I’m at a computer. Here’s the recipe. I’ve been making it for so many years that it seems like incredibly straightforward to me but it might not be that straightforward. So, if anyone has any questions, let me know.

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