Embroidered toast


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That toast would be just the thing for making a bacon sarnie:


I think if I had heard about this I would have rolled my eyes but I really do like the execution of these. Especially the texture contrast between toast and the string. Nice and unexpected.


Where did the eighth slice come from?!


Lunch time!


uhhhh. . . OK.


I made a composition of seven, as there are days in week


The embroidering is done with Octarine thread, so only wizards (and cats) can see it.


Slovakian, not Slovenian.


…and definitely not Slitheen.


Something’s wrong. I can’t see Jesus in any of these.


I don’t get it.


Needlessly wasting food; that’s doing it “right.”


Hey, all art is “waste,” isn’t it?



No, really. Picasso could have spent all that time working in homeless shelters.

If you’re calling it a zero-sum game, you can’t have it both ways: resources either go toward necessities or luxuries. And art is not a necessity.


Human time isn’t a scarce resource, in fact it’s hugely abundant. There is, however, not enough food on the planet, nor enough arable land to produce enough.

So, yea, no.

I mean, it’s a few slices of sourdough, so I’m not gonna get in a tizzy; but having a healthy aversion to food waste is a virtue.


Yet, there is no time in human history, going right back to before we had civilization, where we didn’t make art. Some of the only stuff we have a early humans are the works of art they made and their tools. Keeping and maintaining one’s humanity is part and parcel of making art. Feeling human is a psychic necessity.

I think whether or not the art in question is food wasting, however, is certainly a point of debate. the problem with food scarcity seems to relate more to distribution rather than the ability to produce food. Making food a capitalist commodity made it harder to distribute in the first place. See the export of food from places like Ireland and India in the 19th century during periods of famine.


What I meant to say is, if you require that art use only abundant resources, you rule out an awful lot of art. And that would be bad.

I am not suggesting we stop making art, or that art is not of value.


Eat and floss at the same time!


Thank you, for actually getting the point.