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I don’t know if it was the same writer - probably not - but I remeber this one:

Need a use for those leftover anchovies? Surprise s’mores!


I’d really like to know what restaurant produces perfectly cooked burgers every time.


I don’t think I’m a hillbilly (my people come from the prairies of Minnesota; does that make my a flatbilly?), but I totally want to use the clips on plastic pants hangers as chip clips.


Nice picture choice; I feel old these days because no one I know under the age of 40 understands when I make joking references to Hints from Heloise.


Which makes you wonder why dozens of newspapers still carry her column. Well, actually it’s her daughter’s column since the late '70s, but it’s still the same schtick, although these days half or more of the column inches are given over to reprinting her mother’s tips.



That image is begging to be used by sarcastic commenters on repeat posts. Anyone?


And if you leave the clippy parts attached to the pants hangers you can store your opened bags of chips on a doorknob, or even in the closet!


I had to look it up. From her site:

Had she not taken over her mother’s nationally syndicated newspaper
column, Heloise — yes, just her first name adorns her American Express
card — might have become a computer programmer.

The horror!


But software design would have been too narrow a field for a woman with a
dozen quick fixes for grass stains or how to save a cellphone that took
a dip in the toilet.



perfect for hidden, shame-filled, junkfood binging!

thanks, Heloise!

8. If you’re at a bar and need to leave your seat for a moment, always put a coaster over your drink. Having to lift up a coaster will definitely, without a doubt deter anyone who was planning to slip a roofie in your drink.

The point of doing that is to indicate to the bartender and anyone looking for a seat that your drink is not abandoned. Nothing to do with roofie protection.


Just cut one of the bottom corners out and use the hanging bag like a hamster water bottle. (might have to give the bag a couple of head butts like a suckling calf to break up the chips so that they flow properly).


Boiling water takes forever in the USA. I was definitely looking for hacks to bring that time down within about a week of arriving there.


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