Indulge in the world's only moose cheese — for $500 a pound

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Forget the moose-milkers, how on earth do they get enough milk to make it possible to sell these things for like two bucks a pop?


Why is the image featuring a bull moose if this is an article about milking them?

I sure as hell hope that nobody is attempting to milk a bull moose.


nerdfession: when Han Solo was aghast that someone had added a compressor on the hyperdrive of the Millennium Falcon he shouted: “Some moof-milker put a compressor on the ignition line!” The first i heard that line i was sure he had said “moose milker”. How stupid! as it was clearly “moof

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Well, I know someone with some tips on the subject…

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They make them brave in Alaska:

We collected semen from five yearling bulls via electro-ejaculation

Two samples were collected from each bull weekly for a period
of three weeks.


I’ve heard that many moose milkers got their start as moose goosers.

“I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?”

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You think that’s tricky? Where do they get birds milk from?

[Some birds do actually produce ‘milk’, it is thankfully not used in this sweet]

A moose once bit my sister.


Was she trying to milk it?

Bracket that with 2 5-syllable lines and you’ve got a moose of a haiku!

i misread the headline as MOUSE cheese…
My first thought was: ewww!
My second thought was: $500 a pound sounds cheap … gonna have to milk a lot of mice to make a pound of cheese…

I prefer a saga, obvs.

In the ship-garden walked my sister lonely
When through the wide wood walls came the mighty moose, Lord of Antlers,
Bit my sister with yellow gnashings.

and so on for 300 stanzas.


Perhaps a mouse would eat moose cheese or maybe they would prefer moose mousse?

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