Indus flooding creates vast new lake in Pakistan

Originally published at: Indus flooding creates vast new lake in Pakistan | Boing Boing

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No, not a wonderful thing - “nifty before-and-after comparisons” notwithstanding.


You didn’t mean to I am sure, but this minimises that there are 33 million people affected by the floods, 6 million in urgent need.

At the very least include a charity or donations link. @anothernewbbaccount includes the DEC one, don’t forget to gift aid (if in the UK) any donation.


I got curious about Attabad Lake. Wiki says: “The lake has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gilgit−Baltistan, offering activities like boating, jet-skiing, fishing and other recreational activities.”

Goo Maps shows a bunch of resorts on the shore.

Talk about making lemonade…

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Sherry Rehman, the minister of climate change, said on 29 August that “one-third” of the country was underwater, and there was “no dry land to pump the water out”

Thats bonkers

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This is going to be a slow catastrophe unfolding in the Indus valley. We’re now seeing the initial death toll of the floods. Next,we are going to see water-borne diseases as the flooding has caused a shortage of fresh water. Then we’re going to have to deal with the 1.5 million destroyed homes, and the 33 million people affected. And then will come the food shortages. Around half of this year’s harvest has been destroyed, and replacing it will be difficult, because Pakistan usually takes half of its wheat imports from Ukraine.


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