Influencer feels suggestive photos with her father's open casket are a coping mechanism

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o_0 Andy Warhol must be shaking his head right now going, “Not like this… not like this…”


TBH that would be a creepy way to pose with her father even if he was still alive.


She’s not ENTIRELY wrong. She has the right to grieve as she wishes, and if it’s being “typical Instagram influencer” by posing saucily in front of her dad’s casket, all power to her. But yeah, if I followed those kinds of people, I would have unfollowed immediately. Almost as bad as that email my (former) company sent on September 14, 2001, telling us what a tragedy 9/11 had been, but hey, at least we got our IPO done on 9/10, otherwise it might have been delayed.

Ugh… just no… so much wrong… stop it.


The whole point of posting your life on a public platform like Instagram is to get some kind of reaction from the people who follow you.

If she wasn’t ready for the reaction she shouldn’t have posted it.


Creeper gonna creep.


I know the term “reeducation camps” isn’t right, but shouldn’t there be some cult deprogrammers available to help social media influencers?


You have to use the right tool for the job:

coping saw

Also, as a dad, I want to say that is inappropriate shop attire, need gloves and goggles!


I might call it a cry for help, but not a coping mechanism.

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Regarding 9/11 and grief, its true: for example, during 9/11, Trump’s way of grieving was to remind all TV listeners that, with the World Trade Center now destroyed, a building he owned downtown (40 Wall St) was now “the tallest.” (Apparently, he dealt with grief by lying even more, since even this claim was untrue.)


Besides the cringe factor of making her father’s funeral more about her than about his life, I myself cringe whenever I see or hear of someone being an ‘influencer’. Maybe I’m just too old to understand just who it is that these people are trying to influence. To me it just seems that they’re all a bunch of narcissists, screaming “look at me” to the world and expecting us to actually look. Am I missing the point?


Back in the early days of photography when a person died the family would all gather around the dead relative to take a family portrait as travel and photography where not easy. I think it’s odd that Instagram suspended her account I wonder what rule they said she violated


You are not, unless you are also a narcissist, in which case you already got the point.

Really, who actually follows these ‘influencers’ other than other vapid, shallow, aspirant ‘look at me’ types?


Literally everything we do is a coping mechanism. But really, the point isn’t how to label her behavior, it’s whether strangers are right to judge its appropriateness.


At least she didn’t do like some cultures and set the corpse ablaze. :man_shrugging:


10 year olds who don’t know better I guess?


When my dad died, apparently I was more outgoing and jovial at his funeral than normal. I was testing hard to keep things together because it’s amazing the amount of work goes in to making sure your surviving parent is set up properly, and I felt like I needed to be tough. I was destroyed, but I felt like it was really hard to grieve. Shit just needed to get done. I don’t know where’s this person is in life, and I find the photos gross. But I also know people didn’t approve of my behaviour. I don’t know what I’m saying here, but I just wanted to provide some perspective.


I have always assumed the point was that they want to get paid but to not actually have a job.
Influencers in my country seem to all be be rich kids, so they’re probably living off an allowance from Mummy and Daddy.

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“Everyone handles the loss of a loved one in their own ways; some are more traditional while others might come across as taboo,” she said in a statement.

“Taboo” implies something interesting. This is just an attention-seeking nobody doing what she and 10s of thousands of other wannabe famous people on social media do a dozen times a day wherever they happen to be.


Whatever people might think of it, I’m not sure how this violates the TOS to the point of having one’s account disabled.