Infomercial for $90 "power" candles

Yesterday I stopped by our local “As Seen on TV” outlet store. I wasn’t sure Dad’s nutribullet would arrive in the mail in time for Christmas so I stopped by hoping they’d have one and I could avoid a trip to the mall at peak flow season.

So, there’s no nutribullet but some knockoff version that’s only 350 watts - like, less than the magic bullet. I ask the owner if he has the nutribullet and he tells me they carry this item because they had issues with the vendor but this gizmo works just as well. I explain it has way less wattage and he tells me that this dealybob is special because it’s not just a blender it Extracts Nutrients. With Magic added the wattage is purely incidental, evidently.

I passed. Fortunately the nutribullet arrived by post later in the day.


I’m going to one up you on this one. Through my very spiritual ability to navigate the astral planes, I can bring people power and fortune without all the messy wax. Of course this is invisible and not really quantifiable, but think of it like “psychic amazon prime”… And I’ll do it for the low price of only $30 a session!

Whatta deal!


The bigger question is “is it really a con if the candles work for her, and they let her fleece the ignorant masses?”…

I mean, she very well may make some money off of this with that kind of wax markup.

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