Innovative pockets make these awesome bamboo sheet sets the ultimate room declutterer

You do realize that bamboo sheets are made from bamboo ground up and processed with toxic (and highly polluting) chemicals until it dissolves into a slurry which is then processed some MORE to turn it into the partly-synthetic substance known as rayon? You do? And that calling that “bamboo” is like marketing a hotdog consisting of guaranteed 50% ground-up St. Bernard meat-paste as “the cutest widdle PUPPYkins wook at his widdle ketchup-y TAIL!”, right? Oh. Okay. Cool. Just checking.


bamboo 4-piece smart pocket sheet sets

Smart pocket.



I have no words.


Of course, they make sheets with deep pockets. Then sell them only to sleepers with deep pockets.



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Wel, if you had sheets with smart pockets, you could keep a thesaurus in them. Feature, advantage, benefit. Buy some immediately, says I.

I didn’t think of that. I guess I’m not smart enough for smart pockets in smart sheets :pensive:

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