Innuendo Studios: Endnote 5: A Case Study in Digital Radicalism (UC Merced Talk)

Ian Danskin from Innuendo Studios, the creator of the video documentary series The Alt-Right Playbook, has just released a video outlining a complete history of Gamergate.

Gamergate was a harassment campaign that started in August of 2014 by harassing women and ended by placing Donald fucking Trump in the seat of the presidency. Gamergate was bankrolled and propagandized by Steven Bannon, who is still at large.

Gamergate wasn’t just manufactured, it was kept running by rich white men. When the creator of the latest home of gamergate’s “brightest”, /r/kotakuinaction, closed the subreddit forum, Reddit’s owners stepped in to re-open the subreddit forum and remove the subreddit’s creator from having moderator power.

Originally organized on IRC, today’s gamergate dingdongs tend to congregate on disparate Discord ‘servers’ and still spread their shit in video games. Mostly drawing their recruits from shitty young men in central and latin america, gamergate continues to target and harass women online.

Anyway, this is a good-ass video on one of the most infuriating incidents in internet history. The August The Never Ended.


I’ll have to find time to watch/listen to that… Thanks for posting it…


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