Insane Clown Posse and ACLU sue FBI over calling juggalos a gang




I love it when law enforcemet has the capacity to simply declare something X and thus take away a whole host of rights and freedoms…

I don’t think the guys in makeup are the clowns, here.


Of course juggalos aren’t a gang. They’re a marketing opportunity.


I did a spit take when I read this story earlier this morning, mostly due to the photos. What a surreal-looking event.


“Insane Clown Posse and ACLU” well, never expected to see that sentence…
ICP will have an uphill battle with the word “posse” in their name. even if it is just marketing, and even if anyone in their right mind would be well aware that ICP is not a gang, or even gang-like.
and as someone above mentioned, it is kinda BS that your rights are contingent on what labels the government ascribes to you.


Juggalos earned my respect when they threw their own feces up on stage at Tila Tequila while she was performing at a Gathering a few years ago. That bold action is something to be admired not persecuted.


I live in Juggalo centeral (i.e. the Detroit suburbs). You can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting one of these clowns. I’m going to say from my personal experience interacting with these goofballs that calling them a gang isn’t entirely out of line, just mostly. They’re pretty harmless, as long as you don’t taunt them with magnets. I am a bad, bad person.


Magnet taunting … how does that work?


dude, don’t you know? its miracles!


Does this mean there is a chance we can declare the Bieber fanclub a gang?


First they came for the insane clowns,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t in facepaint…


There are friggin’ magnets in the friggin’ microphone!


So… magents atrack all teh soundz?


Wait until they find out about the “Kiss Army”


Not my scene, but from what little I’ve seen the juggalos are too disorganized to be called a gang. A riot waiting to happen, sometimes, maybe… but that’s true of many concert crowds. Which is part of why it ain’t my scene.


Who’s next Deadheads? I always thought the Clay Aiken crowd could get pretty rowdy.


This comment is in dire need of a sarcasm tag.

And you forgot to mention the perpetual shortage of Faygo at our local grocery stores thanks to all these clowns hoggin’ it for themselves.


also at risk:
Kool & the Gang
Gang of Four
Bloodhound Gang
The Sugarhill Gang
Gangnam Style?


and i suppose the rolling stones have to struggle with people thinking they’re a geological formation?


Or Parrotheads for that matter.