Inside the ice-crusted sea caves of Lake Superior



Video two is also a great reminder of why walking on a frozen lake can be a bad idea:

Narrator: it’s kinda freaky in here. This is a high risk. It’s not open til Wednesday. Oh my god, this is starting to crack. holy shit! [cracking sound, narrator dives] gotta get out of here.

I had a minor heart attack watching that.

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Ahhh, memories…

Here are my shots from the sea caves last weekend. The conditions were fantastic thanks to the long stretch of cold that we’ve had. These were all shot w/ my Nokia 1020. It would have been a great day to have an SLR. 72157639916966874/

(I had to put a space in the URL to the set since the Discourse forum software wants to post the link as an image instead of as just a link…)


I also stitched some of those panoramas into PhotoSynths:

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What do the brown icicles taste like?

Nanook’s mother was a wise woman.

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Very incredible island. Been there in the 70’s. Drive over the ice till the spring, then the ferry boat takes over when the thaw comes through.

How do you get sea caves on a lake?

You have the lake be the biggest lake in the world (by surface area)

Still not sea though is it? Freshwater after all…

Because fuck you, that’s why. :smile:

(This is the proper attitude to take to any disparagement of Lake Superior. It is also, as far as I can figure out, the only reason behind why locals and National Park Service call them “sea” caves.)


‘Sea’ is not exclusivly salt water

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The Ojibwe Anishinaabe call the lake gichigami, meaning “be a great sea”.
I always heard it referred to as an inland sea when I was a kid.

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It’s still not a sea.

Keeping the flag of the asshole grammar wonk aloft, here: does the NPS say anything about differentiating between stalactites and stalagmites? :smile:
(it’s just kinda fresh in my mind, that’s all, having visited, over the weekend, Black Chasm Caverns, one of the few cave sites that also sport helictites)

The ridiculous thing is that I was thinking “those are stalactites” even as I, apparently, wrote stalagmites. It’s fixed now.

SLR nothing, your photos are awesome.

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