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I keep (kept?) getting a page hijack to install flash on the main site pages. Even with an ad block.
I did report it but flash is dead and your ad provider should not be doing that.

ETA and I already have it installed. (yeah I know but it is set to ask before running anything so I shouldn’t even get asked to install it)


I got the same thing when going from a BBS page to the linked article.


We’re trying to nuke that bad ad.

If you happen to get it yourself and would like to help, head over to and report it, please!

These ads are often narrowly targeted thanks to the world of programmatic advertising, so tracking down the offending advertiser is often extremely difficult.


Thanks. Your work is here is much appreciated and we should acknowledge it much more often.


I got that fake installer ad as well.

Can we trust Freestar? That page won’t let me submit without checking the box that says “Yes, I give Freestar permission to review my ad history to track down the bad ad (we will never share or sell the data you share with us).”


The reason we use that form is it grabs all the info from your browser that an ad would, including cookies and the like, so this allows our advertising partner to track what ads you were actually shown and have a much better change of catching the bad one as a result.

If you do not wish to assist in this manner, we totally understand, that’s for considering it. :slight_smile:


I tried using that form and it gave me an “Error Fetching Cookie” message. Oh well.


The full-page Flash/McAfee installer crap is still hiding the entire main page of the site at times. It replaces the entire page (not even just an overlay? It’s not transparent, no grayed-out site visible beneath it) and can’t be dismissed. Reported via the link.



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