Instructions for making your own outdoor gear

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i also recommend the videos by The Jason of All Trades on YT. he is really good at explaining how he makes his gear, and his cats often make appearances, which is a bonus to me:

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Gotta ask what problems you had with the Singer Heavy Duty. I used mine to sew a chore coat (this one:, using some pretty heavy moleskin fabric and it worked like a champ.

How to make your own outdoor gear.
Get a Frostline kit (Time travel to before 1983 may be required).


0MG. Our family friends were all big skiers and the mom (Dorothy) made Frostline down ski jackets and ski overalls for all of the kids (maybe even for the dad?). I remember hanging out one summer and the daughter (my bff) warned me to stay out trouble because her mom was in no mood to mess with us while sewing.

I think my mom even made a couple of Frostline down vests for my brothers.

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