Intelligent burro


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Intelligent burro

I believe the small ones like this are referred to as burritos.


Let me be the first to welcome our new burro overlords.


And the herd leader is, of course, the Burrito Supreme.


If animals could talk:

Black Burro:Dude… you’re doing it wrong. Work smarter, not harder.”


Gray donkey looked a little shamed as he finally walked through the fence.


Way to teach your pals how to burro through things!


I like how the others back off and give the one some room.


Wow! I love that aha! teaching moment.


Always better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass.


And yet another meat I can no longer eat.

In other news, how are donkeys as pets?


From what I hear, they tend to be asses.


HR says we’re hiring.


Who says civility is dead; that genteel burro is the epitome of good breeding.


Polite too. He let everyone else go ahead of him.




Here I thought the last one out was going to put the fence back in place…



Stirring political metaphor about the current state of the Democratic party. (The donkey that moves the log out of the way is Bernie Sanders.)