Interesting bobblehead collection in car

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The arrangement of said bobbleheads has genius written all over it.


I just saw one on the shelf of the MacDonald’s Museum, so they work pretty well by indoor light too.
[probably not pictured in the above random video]

That little guy front & center made me want one of these!


According to the NABCS (North American Bobblehead Collector Society) the term “bobblehead” may not be used to describe “any item using electrical power or any motive force other than inertia to waggle the item’s head”. This collection is therefore disqualified.

I made this up. But we DO need standards if we’re going to keep this country intact.


As already mentioned, NOT BOBBLEHEADS. These are solar powered dancing figures. I happen to have one of the hula dancers (4th from the left) sitting on my bookshelf. My Monkee’s figures on the shelf above that are bobbleheads.

I took a Uber-clone in Austin Texas a few weeks ago and the guy that picked me up had a wall full of bobbleheads in his car. It was kinda cool! Made my one lone sproingy buddha cat seem sad :frowning:

Looks like Trump has finished picking his staff.

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Does it have to be a bobble head or do those hula dancers count?

I think I’ve also seen a baseball bobble"head" where the arms & bat bobble instead of the head, because the player was known for his restless at-bat stance.

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