Internet Explorer anime ad


Pity they didn’t end the pose with her faceplanting… or after transforming immediately run off to go get Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

As a side note, breast size of a Tan is directly proportionate to the program’s system memory footprint.

Just saying… those should be a lot bigger.


Holy shit, this is a wicked cool video.

But other than the little badge with an “i” on it and the windows logo on her butt, what does this have to do with IE?

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The IE logo on her belt? The Internet Explorer text at the end?

P.S. this is exactly how I feel when I browse the web using Windows+IE but I don’t feel safe, even with a triply deep virtual machine.

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The shield is presumably the anti-malware function. It powers up whenever it’s hit by an energy blast, which I guess means that it’s got some kind of adaptive detection feature, and being exposed to malware just makes it more resistant. (Although obviously it has to be exposed to the new malware first; symbolized by the protaganist’s bleeding forehead wound that obstructs her vision in one eye.) The final scene of the video points out the crucial flaw: Malware can be programmed to use those same adaptive algorithms.

Basically it’s a cautionary tale reminding people that they should disable Java, ActiveX, and Flash.


Hmm. I just see it as an unconvincing effort to get me to go back to using Explorer.


It’s highly amusing that the last scene has a W3C book on the desk.

She’s just reading a bit of light fiction.


Well, when your product is crap, you better have some kick-ass advertising. But does anyone actually buy IE? I thought Microsoft’s tactic was to bundle it with Windows, so if you’re running Windows, IE is already on your 'puter. I can’t imagine someone paying for a stand-alone version of IE.

Anyone remember the Source Force?

Vista Sensei!

Hasn’t anyone told them that MS has deprecated the RGBY logo (on her butt) in favor of flat boring teal?

Also, to totally overanalyze this, it seems to be an admission that you need to leave Metro and go to desktop mode to get real work done. Unless that vast array of windows popping up were ads.

I don’t know about that, but I’m pretty sure the gargantuan robot at the end was either HTML5 or CSS3, for which she was totally unprepared. What she was doing before that was installing another browser.


I think there must be an anime fan among Microsoft’s marketing execs.

However literally none of the people that this ad would appeal to would even consider using IE (except at work cause their company are dicks and the IT guys refuse to install anything better on any PCs apart from their own).

I had a hard time determining if the big bad guy near the end was Chrome or malware.

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I also note that at 1:13, our heroine defends herself with a shield, upon which is inscribed a red X.

Otherwise known as the symbol for “Your Windows firewall is turned off”.

There you have it. Even all-purpose magical corporate mascots install a better, third party firewall.


Some of these features may require Kawaii Level 5 or higher.

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This anime is by far the best thing about Internet Explorer. By a whole lot.

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I will never get anime girl mascots.

“IE: Impractically dressed for the task at hand”

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