Interview with family that crashed dad's BBC interview

I love the last second, where she holds up her yellow flower(?). It reminds me of over-the-top photos we used to ham it up in as kids.
My younger brother had two modes only…slack-jawed awe or SHOW ALL THE TEETH!

Amusing to see the men of the BoingBoing forum doing backflips to argue why a feminist critique shouldn’t be applied to a situation they can identify with. Like fish unaware of the water they swim in.


Please don’t conflate feminist critique in general with this specific instance of feminist critique. The issue isn’t that this is feminist critique but that it’s a sloppy, weak argument; a remora trying to latch on to a moment of viral publicity.

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An interesting follow up…

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He never even turned around to acknowledge his child. Fuckwit. Any real father would have scooped her up in his arms and kept going.

Anyone, regardless of other factors, who has worked from home and had young individuals around has had this happen. I am almost certain a cat jumped on my head during a video conference.

I thought it was cute, didn’t hurt anyone, and everyone just rolled with it. The one thing I would have done is put the first child on my lap and tell them to say, “it’s juche so nice to speak about North Korea”.

Maybe that’s why I’m not on TV anymore.


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