Interview with man picked by Kennedy administration to be the first black man in space


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Looks like Captain Dwight is fondling an X20 model with the Titan II based launch vehicle for it right behind him.

Dyna-Soar FTW!!!


What a fascinating story! Sad, too. Hopefully this story gets some traction - it’s always eye opening seeing such concrete examples of holding people of colour back from roles and stature.


I kinda feel like I’ve been kicked in the teeth.
I grew up watching the Gemini/Apollo missions and remember thinking what heroic men they were.
And now I find out they were just men. flawed raciest men.

Yeaaaa for another knife in my childhood memories.


Yep, that’s the Titan IIIC, the first planned use of large strap-on solid rockets in manned space flight.

I’ve recently concluded, with the demise of the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, that the Small Reusable Winged/Lifting Body Spaceplane has graduated to “Technology of the Future” status.

Like rocket backpacks and flying cars, it’s The Technology of The Future!

Always has Been, Always Will Be.


I’d read about Dwight before. I came here for the nifty photo of the X20 and the launch vehicle models.



now I find out they were just men. flawed raciest men.

Yeaaaa for another knife in my childhood memories.

Realizing that your childhood heroes are just flawed human beings, and not some sort of shiny flawless avatars created solely for your edification, is part of growing up.

Welcome to adulthood.


In a small, unvisited valley, an elderly X20 motor waits quietly for a bird that will never fly…


Glad you took time outta your busy day to welcome me aboard.


Good episode. Now I want to know what happened to the Asian guy, if there ever was one.


This is probably why it offends people so deeply.


If you haven’t grown up by age 50, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.


But he forgot to issue you your adult diapers…


ok wow I sort of think this Kennedy guy might have been alright.


Fuckin’ heroes, right? Why do they have to be so damned human?



It took a while for people to admit that Chuck Yeager, aka Mr. Right Stuff, was a racist asshole.


Also a good reason why you shouldn’t unquestioningly idealize people.
Everyone’s human.

But seriously though- no one’s gonna comment on the awkward placement of the rocket in this picture? Nobody?


A guy from backwoods West Virginia? What crazy things you say!