Intimidating German Shepherd guard dog dances to '80s Europop


I’m willing to bet he actually has some kind of ear infection.

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I’d love to see what the dog does to Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy.

Might be a bit too primate for him. Maybe Hungry Like the Wolf is better. It’s not quite as cheesetastic, though.

I’m not sure what is going on here.

They way he “dances” in one corner of the cage, while pointing with his snout, might an indication that he wants to get out and walk.


Pavlov’s disco


It looks like stereotypy brought on by its living conditions (too-small cage).


Agreed. This is only sad and in no way entertaining, especially to a dog lover.


Sad. Living in one of the more extreme dog-positive urban areas, it’s easy to forget how many dogs have shitty lives.

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He has a lot of meat on him so it’s not like he’s going to go to waste. It’s just a different part of the world from your little corner.

That’s a pretty well-muscled dog. I doubt he’s confined to that small pen 24 hours a day. The fact that he gets excited and goes to the gate, pointing with his nose, is more likely an indication that something he looks forward to happens when that song is played.

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Having bitches twerk him on the dance floor, obviously.

Yes, I meant female dogs – sheesh.

German Shepherds are very good climbers, as dogs go. That dog could easily scramble over the top of that fence if he wanted to. That might even be part of his guard dog role.

He’s got some moves, sure… but he needs to get current with his step…

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Wait… are you saying not every town has pet hotels with horseshoe-shaped driveways where people line up in their Range Rovers to pick up Coco?

Exactly. The stupid human thought it was brilliant to play “music” while the dog is going nuts caged in a space too small for a chicken for god’s sake. Animal abuse is what it is plain and simple.

Really? So if a man in France literally slaps his Golden Retriever so hard against his face that the dog slips and falls down on the pavement that’s cool? An event I witnessed a couple of weeks ago and yelled at the man to stop it. Recognizing animal abuse when you see it shouldn’t be trivialized by insinuating someone’s “little corner” denotes their lack of worldly understanding and ability to assimilate with another culture. Oh, and if you ever find yourself being treated like dirt and abused yourself in some part of the world where the male population feels free to do so, just remind yourself you’re in a different part of the world from your little corner.

To me, that dance – since it’d directed at the gate – looks like “Oooh, are ya gonna let me come out and play? Pretty please? Excited excited excited…”

If the dog was doing it when not observed then, yeah, stereotypy due to boredom would be a good guess.

And yes, that enclosure is FAR too small for anything more than short stays… it’s an “outdoor crate”. Admittedly, many dogs don’t object to being crated temporarily.

gonna agree with @hungryjoe, that’s an extremely well-muscled dog. I’ve got a shepherd that gets the exercise she needs, and it shows, but the dog in the video is diesel, son. so, it’s gotta be spending a fair amount of it’s life outside that pen, running around. I don’t often crate my dog, but she goes into her tiny indoor crate a fair amount of the day anyway, she just likes to hang out in her personal spot, so I won’t cry abuse just based off this video. Similarly, my dog doesn’t have any rhythm, but when she gets excited, she does act like a total goofball who jumps around and barks violent-soundingly like the video dog.

It’s hard to call it just from this video, but as a shepherd owner, my first instinct was that this was a happy dog.

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I’m guessing the dog is used as a watch dog. He’s probably let free at night when the yard closes down and the gates are locked. But dogs are social animals and not meant to be caged all day long (or crated for that matter). His behavior was more extreme than a simple “can I come out, please”. It was more like obsessive compulsive behavior. Think of him as a worker at Walmart. This is the 21st century and we know better than exploiting those who have no power in this way.

Duh! Sorry, but that’s an understatement.