Investigation launched after Allenton cop filmed kneeling on black man's neck

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Funny how all of MDC’s albums have become topical lately.


In some places the blue line is very very thick. In at least two senses of the word.


Well we’re living here in Allentown
Still putting minorities into the ground
For “po-po”s it’s always killing time
Faking reports
Thin blue line…

I’m not liking this Billy Joel reboot.


Heard about it on the radio this morning. Next to a hospital FFS:


“No war. No KKK. No fascist USA!”
“What you gonna do, the mafia in blue. Hunting for…[snip] [snip] and you.”

As a kid, MDC’s lyrics pushed me toward wanting social justice and putting an end to discrimination of all kinds, especially by police.
However, they use forbidden words in their 1980s ignorance.
Cancel them now. Burn their albums. /s

This “restraint” technique of kneeling on people’s necks must have been very widely disseminated as a “best practice” and had a lot of training time devoted to its use.

  • When a cop gets in a stressful situation, their training kicks in
  • It is more than twice as hard to undo bad training and replace it with good training than it is to have done good training in the first place.
  • Therefore: Defund the cops



Training blah blah blah something something Situational Awareness.

Who cares if the police department won’t name the officers involved? It’s 2020, figuring it out shouldn’t exactly be hard, and as a matter of public concern regarding acts by a public servant doing their job in a public place, why don’t we know who it is anyway?

I’m all in favor of preserving anonymity as much as possible for private citizens who want it, for any or no reason. Doxxing, SWATting, and so on are dangerous and unethical. None of that applies to acts committed in public by public servants in the course of their jobs.


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