iOS 15 Safari woes

I’m having a lot of problems with Discourse on BB when using iOS 15 Safari. Trying to understand if it’s just me or if there’s something more systemic.

The most vexing and common issue I’m running into is most of the time, quoting just doesn’t work. I can highlight some text and press the “Quote” button and nothing happens. I have to literally close my tab and reopen the site for things to work again … until they don’t.

The gif picker is much harder to use than before. It doesn’t appear in the middle of the screen making me scroll up in the page to be able to use it.

I’m sure there’s some other things too but I’ll start with that. Is anybody else running into weird issues like this?


Example of quote behavior:


Example of GIF behavior:



I have had the quote issue. I can get it to work again without reloading but I may well have done enough things in the meantime to kick it to reload. (Scrolling, opening the reply without quoting, close the reply etc.) I have no solutions or many thoughts, it went into the “I will think about dealing with this later”


Ditto on the quote issue.

Also the gui is exhibiting a sliver of white that just looks sloppy. See below.

It flickers.


I’ve seen this too, but saw this in iOS 14 Safari as well. That’s not something I notice 100% of the time and is more of a minor F&F nuisance than usability problem so I never felt compelled to report it.


I just quoted this on latest iOS and it looks ok. There have been a few iOS updates since then.

Still happening unfortunately. Not as much before but still occurring. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to collect more details when this happens.


Still happening.


Strange formatting quirk is a foot:

iOS 15.1 Safari

Happens at the bottom of the thread content.


Me too.


I’ve seen this as well. Doesn’t happen all the time and a reload fixes it.


Come on, this just sloppy guys.


Still can’t quote things reliably. Now on iOS 15.2.


This seems to work ok for me, just grabbed my phone, verified version (15.2), logged in, visited this topic and quoted your post.

Do you have repro steps?

No. It just happens sometimes. I’ll try to quote something, it’ll show the option to quote, then when I press “quote” nothing happens - just like in the screen capture from my earlier post. (Also FWIW the gif picker is still broken as well but that’s a 100% repro for me.)

It’s not a 100% repro so I’m not sure exactly what triggers it, but it’s really obnoxious when it does happen. I rely heavily on quotes especially in busy topics and whenever I hit this bug it makes me pause and reconsider even participating at that point.

If I want to reply the way I want to, I’ll either need to reload the page and hope it works, manually copy/paste and format (a pain on mobile), or just say screw it and not reply at all since I’m now annoyed and in the wrong mindset. Kind of the antithesis of discourse. :wink:


One thing I’ve noticed is this happens more frequently with #boing topics and seems to be more frequent the more posts in the topic. Could just be coincidence but I’ve seen stranger things happen here given the unique use cases on this forum.

Yeah I’m sorry @ficuswhisperer it sounds very annoying since quoting is an essential function! You might check the browser’s JavaScript console the next time it happens (and you’re on a desktop). I suggest this:

  • get the quote problem (press button, nothing happens)
  • press f12 to bring up the dev console
  • make sure you are on the Console tab
  • right click the console area and select “clear console”
  • click the Reply button again, and see if any new errors appear in the console

It’s worth a try. Best of all if you can come up with a sequence of steps that triggers it every time (what we programmers call a “repro”), but the JavaScript console can sometimes offer clues for intermittent problems. :+1:

(also of note, does it happen on mobile only?)

I do about 99% of my interactions with the BBS on iOS Safari. I can try to get a debug console but it will be considerably more painful and less opportunistic than just being able to press F12 since I need to be near a computer.

(I’m a professional developer so while I try to provide the most detailed repro steps possible in this case it’s so random I have yet to find a reliable sequence of events.)

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I have the same problem ongoing. New phone - updated software.

Oh yeah, debugging the browser in iOS is possible but definitely not easy, and of course it requires a Mac because Apple – Debug iOS Safari from your Mac | Busbud blog